The DALROD sponsored Peterborough Phantoms will begin their 2014-15 English Premier League season with a road trip to face the Basingstoke Bison on the 13th September, before hosting the Sheffield Steeldogs in their opening Home game the following night.

The season will see the Phantoms play 54 games, 27 of which will be at home. There will be 10 Saturday Home games, 16 Sunday Home games and 1 Mid-Week Home game.

This season see’s a new Cross-League cup competition added to the fixtures, to replace the games lost after the Slough Jets decided to step down from the League. The new competition will see the EPL Teams joined by 6 NIHL Teams in a North/South competition.

Phantoms Northern Group will consist of Sheffield, Telford and Manchester along with the NIHL’s Billingham, Blackburn and Solway. The Southern Group will consist of Milton Keynes, Bracknell, Basingstoke, Swindon and Guildford from the EPL and Isle of Wight, Chelmsford and Invicta from the NIHL.

EPL Teams will be limited to 2 Imports when facing an NIHL team, and can play their full roster of 4 imports when playing another EPL Team. The top two teams in each group will face-off against each other in the Semi-Finals.

Phantoms Pre-Season campaign will see them host the Hull Stingrays on the 30th August, before back to back Home games against the Milton Keynes Lightning on the 6th & 7th September for the Annual Ashes Competition.

The new Season’s Christmas period will see the Phantoms travel to Sheffield Steeldogs on the 27th December, before hosting Blackburn the following night.

Fans can enjoy a weekend away trip in January as the club travels to Solway on the 17th and then call in to play Blackburn the following night in the Cup competition.

Phantoms last game of the regular season will see them play local rivals the Milton Keynes Lightning at home on the 22nd March.

The full Fixture List is:

13           Basingstoke v Phantoms
14           Phantoms v Sheffield (League/Cup)
20           Bracknell v Phantoms
21           Phantoms v Basingstoke
27           Phantoms v Guildford
28           Manchester v Phantoms (League/Cup)

4              Milton Keynes v Phantoms
5              Phantoms v Swindon
11           Swindon v Phantoms
12           Phantoms v Milton Keynes
18           Phantoms v Telford (League/Cup)
19           Guildford v Phantoms
25           Phantoms v Bracknell
26           Sheffield v Phantoms (League/Cup)

1              Manchester v Phantoms
2              Phantoms v Milton Keynes
8              Sheffield v Phantoms
9              Guildford v Phantoms
15           Phantoms v Guildford
16           Bracknell v Phantoms
22           Milton Keynes v Phantoms
23           Telford v Phantoms (League/Cup)
29           Phantoms v Manchester (League/Cup)
30           Phantoms v Basingstoke

6              Basingstoke v Phantoms
7              Phantoms v Swindon
14           Phantoms v Billingham (Cup)
20           Phantoms v Manchester
21           Billingham v Phantoms (Cup)
27           Sheffield v Phantoms
28           Phantoms v Blackburn (Cup)

3              Phantoms v Bracknell
4              Telford v Phantoms
10           Basingstoke v Phantoms
11           Phantoms v Solway (Cup)
17           Solway v Phantoms (Cup)
18           Blackburn v Phantoms (Cup)
21           Phantoms v Bracknell (TBC)
24           Swindon v Phantoms
31           Phantoms v Telford

1              Bracknell v Phantoms
7              Guildford v Phantoms
8              Phantoms v Sheffield
14           Milton Keynes v Phantoms
15           Phantoms v Basingstoke
22           Phantoms v Swindon
28           Phantoms v Telford

1              Manchester v Phantoms
7              Telford v Phantoms
8              Phantoms v Manchester
14           Phantoms v Sheffield
15           Phantoms v Guildford
21           Swindon v Phantoms
22           Phantoms v Milton Keynes