Following recent comments regarding our remembrance initiative, which have been posted on The Hockey Forum (THF), a small number of forum members have called for answers to their questions.

Although the questions and concerns raised deserved answers, it was felt that the tone in which they had been raised risked detracting from any response we were able to make. As such we have held back from responding immediately.

The club have never withheld anything from the fans, but as with everything, we must state official information accurately.

On THF they are asking for a percentage figure from the money raised to be donated to the British Red Cross (BRC), or a total sum to be donated. This is a tricky one, as we haven’t as yet sold all the shirts and a possibility of other events being added, that will generate money for the charity.

If the shirts and other efforts did not generate the substantial amount we had hoped for by the end, any shortfall would be made by personal donation. This is the sole reason we had not stated a percentage initially, as this could have resulted in the charity losing out, something that would run counter to our aims. As it stands at the moment after costs, a minimum of 50% of the profits WILL be donated to the BRC and the remaining funds put back into the team.

Representatives of the BRC are attending our match on the 30th November match against Basingstoke Bison when we will be presenting them with a cheque.

There was also a secondary issue over the use of a poppy on the design of our shirt. The Royal British Legion, (RBL), were delighted with the design, and the finished shirt. As many of you may have seen last week, we saw the RBL attend the game, raising money for the Poppy Appeal and supporting the Phantoms at the start of our initiative. Time permitting they hope to come back later in the month.

Lastly the Red Cross are also delighted at the initiative, they seldom get donations of this nature offered. I have personal reasons for supporting The Red Cross, which I don’t wish to put on social media, but if you would like to ask me, I will be more than willing to share these with you. There were many factors into why the BRC was chosen which was stated previously.

We have received advice and spoken to various parties including Trading Standards, who I believe then spoke to The Charities Commission to clarify the points. Both parties were directed to the comments on the forum (in which they were quite appalled by what was written). A case number was given and told that as long as the charity is aware, there is no problem (and as you can see from above they are fully aware).

We are extremely proud of the work we are doing with the charities and how the club is representing our service men and women past and present. Please do not let this over shadow the main reasons we are wearing these commemorative shirts. I hope everyone felt as proud as we did at our last home game, even Marcus the spaniel played his part.

Many of you have jumped to our defence, we thank you sincerely. We also wish to heartfelt thanks to all those who have purchased a shirt.

Sue Housden
Peterborough Phantoms Owner