The DALROD sponsored Peterborough Phantoms travelled to Milton Keynes on Saturday evening to take on the Lightning in the 1st Leg of the Annual Ashes Challenge.

Both teams fought for an advantage but after 60 minutes of hockey they were still deadlocked after a 4-4 thriller.

The opening period saw Phantoms gain an early advantage when first McPherson and then Clements were penalised for the Lightning giving the visitors a 5-on-3 advantage, but Jordan Marr in the Lightning goal kept the Phantoms Forwards at bay.

Milan Baranyk was penalised for going in too close to Marr, and shortly after wards Lightning Bobby Chamberlain was also sent to the penalty box for crashing in on Phantoms Janis Auzins.

Phantoms finally broke the deadlock after 15 minutes when Craig Scott fed the puck to Darius Pliskauskas to give the visitors an early lead going into the first break.

Period 2 saw the Phantoms on an early Powerplay after the Lightning received a Delay of Game penalty before the puck had dropped.

The game was tied on 28 minutes when former Phantom Lewis Hook fed the puck to Adam Carr who found Rene Jarolin to make it a 1-1 game.

It took the Phantoms just 90 seconds to regain their lead when Man of the Match Craig Scott turned from provider to scorer, assisted by Pliskauskas.

The fans were kept entertained as both teams were fighting for every puck and seeing this as a Challenge game and not necessarily a Friendly.

It was all level just past the midway point of the game, when Adam Carr once again teamed up with Lewis Hook for the youngsters first goal of the game.

Despite being heavily outshot, the Phantoms took a 3-2 lead into the second period break when Lloyd Gibson fired past Marr with under 2 minutes left of the period.

The final period started slower that the previous 40 minutes with the Phantoms looking to hold onto their lead, whilst Lightning were looking to make their home advantage pay. Once again the Lightning pegged the Phantoms back to make it a 3-3 game on 49 minutes when Marko Luomala found the back of the net following a nice build up from Markku Tahtanen.

With 10 minutes still to play, the fans sensed that it wasn’t going to remain a 3-3 game, and just 3 minutes later they were proved correct when Edgars Bebris slotted home to make it advantage Phantoms.

With the clock running down both teams had a man sent to the penalty box, and with the teams playing 4-on-4 it was the Lightning who scored the final goal of the game when they equalised for the fourth time in the game through Leigh Jamieson with under 2 minutes left on the clock.

Man of the Match went to Criag Scott for the Phantoms, whilst Lewis Hook claimed the beers for the homeside.

The 2nd Leg of the Ashes takes place on Sunday, at the Planet Ice Arena in Peterborough, with face-off at 5.30pm.

Full Match Stats: