The DALROD sponsored Peterborough Phantoms today release their 2015/16 Promotional Video – Phantoms Rising.

2015/16 Season Promo: Phantoms Rising
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Over the past 3 seasons the club have themed their promotional videos from the initial “Reborn”, to last years “Evolution” and this years theme is “The Phantoms Rising”, as the clubs development continues.

All of the videos are put together by the Phantoms Media Team, a group of matchnight volunteers who strive to produce the best possible output for the Phantoms fans. As well as the promotional videos, the team are also responsible for the clubs Social Media and Internet presence, plus producing a number of weekly video programmes for the clubs YouTube channel.

This years promotional video was inspired by the intro to the Rocky III movie. Peterborough Ice Hockey has a long association with both the Rocky franchise and Philadelphia, where the films were based.

Since the  days of the Peterborough Pirates the club have hit the ice to ‘Eye of the Tiger’, which was from the original Rocky movie. The old Pirates Logo and shirt colours were also modeled on the Philadelphia Flyers jerseys.

Rocky III Intro
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2014/15 Season Promo: Evolution 
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