The Peterborough DALROD Phantoms would like to apologise to all fans that have paid and are awaiting replica shirt orders.

Over the summer we looked into changing suppliers to resolve some of our issues we had with our replica shirts in previous seasons. After we believed we had found the correct company, and had reassurances that the service we receive would be an improvement on our previous years, we switched to Rhino Sports.

Unfortunately, Rhino Sports have run into production issues, and at the moment they are still trying to get on top of the situation. Rhino Sports do hope to notify us this early this week when we will see the orders filter through.

We apologise to all our fans for the delays encountered. We still encourage you to make your replica shirt order as this matter will be resolved very soon or alternatively visit HockeyDog for Replica shirts we have in stock. We hope you do bear with us as we resolve this issue that at the moment is out of our control.