Tonight will see the final games of the 206/17 EPL League season, but with the play-offs starting in 3 days time, all of the teams are still unsure exactly who they will be facing. Half of the teams in the play-offs can switch groups depending on the outcome of two crucial games tonight, including the Peterborough DALROD Phantoms.

The Play-Off tournament see’s the top 8 teams in the league split into two groups, for a round robin tournament. The groupings are based on final league positions, with the groups decideda as:

Group A: 1, 4, 5, 8
Group B: 2, 3, 6, 7

Currently we know the teams who will finish in position 1, 2, 7 and 8 (Telford, Milton Keynes, Hull and Sheffield). Positions 3 & 4 are being contested by Peterborough and Basingstoke. Bison are currently in 3rd spot, but just 1 point ahead of the Phantoms. Positions 5 & 6 are being fought out between Guildford and Swindon with the Flames 1 point ahead of the Wildcats going into tonights game.

What makes it interesting tonight is that the match-ups are:
Peterborough v Guildford
Basingstoke v Swindon

Peterborough and Swindon both need wins to leapfrog Basingstoke and Guildford, whilst Basingstoke and Guildford need the wins to secure their final poisitions.

By 9pm tonight the regular league will be over and we will know who plays who in the Play-offs and Phantoms will know who they are going to host on Wednesday evening at 7.45pm.