Peterborough DALROD Phantoms owners Dave & Jo Lane would like to put out the following statement to you the fans, regarding the two cancelled fixtures after the demise of The Manchester Phoenix Ice Hockey Club.

 “Firstly, I would like to say how sorry the Peterborough Phantoms organisation are, to see Manchester Phoenix depart from the EPL in February of this year. Not only for the players, staff and owner, but for the fans also.

Unfortunately, we all didn’t escape the effects of their departure, and for the Phantoms this came at a substantial financial cost to us.

Just like we are with the Manchester fans, we also sympathised with our fans, that have lost fixtures on their season tickets. With all sports teams, we budget at the beginning of the Summer for the season to what we believe will create a competitive team on the ice, within the means we can afford to sustain.

We have taken our time, in addressing this situation for no other reason than making sure we didn’t hinder the team in taking finances away. We also tried to join other EPL teams in producing a Cup scenario, but with their only being a few months left of the season when Manchester folded. In addition to this we were already scheduling and competing in the finals of the cup, making this impossible.

And lastly, we wanted to make sure what we did was fair to our fans. We do understand that many of you have stated to us, that it’s not the clubs fault, these things happen and do not expect anything in return, but we do also acknowledge that some fans feel short changed by the club.

In light of this, the Peterborough DALROD Phantoms would like to offer all 2016/17 season ticket holders who wish to renew for the 2017/18 season, a discount on your season ticket.

For all 2016/17 season ticket holders renewing, we will be offering you the following prices for your 2017/18 season ticket –

Adult – £315

Child – £115

Student – £275

OAP -£190

Family 2+2 – £710

All prices are discounted based on the 2017/18 season ticket prices, which will be announced in a press release directly after this statement.

We do hope our fans know that Jo and myself, do all we can to make sure all revenue the Phantoms generates goes straight back into the team to create a stronger and competitive team for the Phantoms future.

Next seasons league format is still in discussions, we are positive and hope to have news very soon.

Jo and myself would like to thank you for your support, and we look forward to seeing everyone coming and supporting the team on the last home game of the season on Saturday 1st April, Face Off 7pm and in our quest in next seasons campaign”.