The Peterborough DALROD Phantoms, Sponsored by Smart Solutions Group would like to invite you all to support the Halles Wish Charity game on Saturday 24th June, 6pm Planet Ice Peterborough.

The Peterborough Phantoms, DALROD and HockeyDog have all pledged their support to this fantastic local charity in aid of a special little girl, Halle. HockeyDog have donated the Halles Wish Jerseys for free, enabling them to raise as much funds for the cause as possible. These specially designed Jerseys will be auctioned after the game.

On Saturday 24th June Peterborough Vets will be holding a game raising money for Halles Wish. The game will be The Vets VS Halles All Star Team. Many Ex Phantoms and Pirates, will be coming together for this amazing inspirational game.

Halle is the daughter of Ex Pirate Tim Heriot. Tim trained throughout the Peterborough Junior system, making his debut for the senior side in 1994. Tim now 41, is a family man and has been faced along with Wife Fran, with a massive challenge in having a little girl with painful disabilities and the task of raising £55,000 to make sure Halles life is pain free and the best it can be.


Halle is now 4 years old, but at around 10-11 months old Halles parents noticed that she wasn’t hitting her milestones and even general movement seemed to be very difficult and painful.

At 21 months old finally the GP agreed something wasn’t right, after watching Halle move around with a brick truck, the GP referred her to a specialist.  On November 14th2014 Halle visited an orthopaedic paediatric consultant who listened as Tim and Fran describe the last 23 months of worries, he watched Halle on the truck that was her only form of movement and very quickly said it was not an orthopaedic issue but a neurological one, Halle has Cerebral Palsy.

From then on, to thepresent day Halle’s life is daily physio, wearing day and night AFO’s (splints) using a k-walker for short periods of time and her wheelchair for the rest of the time, Occupational Therapy appointments providing specialist seating equipment at home and at pre-school, daily medications and Botox treatment.

Halle has developed into a confident, strong and determined little girl always smiling through her daily struggles. But with age comes questions and her need to understand her condition. Her determination to be as mobile and able bodied as possible is inspirational.

Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) is an operation used to improve spasticity (muscle stiffness) in cerebral palsy. Halle has bilateral Spastic Diplegia (which affects leg muscles more than the arms on both sides of the body). Nerve fibres running from the muscles to the spinal cord play a major role in causing this muscle stiffness and spasms. SDR surgery involves dividing some of these fibres and permanently cutting them, this is a very effective solution at reducing stiffness and spasticity. Sadly this procedure is not available on the NHS

Halle has been accepted for the procedure at GOSH London with the hope of being pain free, reducing daily medication, taking away her spasticity, spasms and maybe the chance to take independent steps.

So now the task of raising £55,000 which will cover the procedure, aftercare, any specialist equipment and most importantly the intensive physiotherapy. SDR is not a cure for Cerebral Palsy but it is life changing and to give Halle the chance of a better life, this is the most important opportunity we can give this brave little girl.

Kitting up for the Vets and Halle’s All Stars teams are –

Peterborough Vets                                                           Halles All Stars

Lewis Buckman                                                                      Scott Plews

Kevin king                                                                                Dean Edminston

Mark Salisbury                                                                       Danny Wilson

Tony Hunter                                                                           John Wilson

Lee Muxlow                                                                            Andy Allen

Tony Dawson                                                                          Jason Buckman

Bert Amos                                                                               Brian Biddulph

Franny Coleman                                                                    Cassie Dawkins

Russel Coleman                                                                     Tim Heriot

Craig Britton                                                                          Craig Peacock

Jason Porter                                                                           Kenny McKie

Steve Maile                                                                             Kenny McDonald

Dwayne Newman                                                                  Dan Lane

Tim Peacock                                                                           Elwyn Dawkins

Steven Higgins                                                                       John Bremner

Steve Wren                                                                             Anthony Payne

Simon Burns                                                                          John Tague

Bench Coach –David Clarke

It will be a great day, for an amazing cause, so make sure you get your tickets today by contacting Lee Muxlow on 07966650029

Family Ticket – £20   Adults – £7   Under16’s – £5

Tickets will be available on the day, but with ticket sales exceeding last year’s sales already, we recommend buying your tickets in advance.