The Peterborough DALROD Phantoms would like to document to our fans, that we will not accept the proposal made by the LMC, to award the remaining home fixture against the Hull Pirates as void.

The Peterborough Phantoms on Monday 8th January 2018, submitted an appeal to the EIHA.  The club are in ongoing discussions with the LMC and EIHA, including Senior League chairman Ken Taggart, to have this decision rescinded.

With evidence that the Peterborough Phantoms have tried to arrange and play this fixture on numerous occasions, it’s our opinion that the proposal made by the LMC is  discriminatory and falls outside of the Rules of Competition.

As a professional club, we will use every avenue available to us to make sure that the Peterborough Phantoms complete the group stages of the National Cup in a fair and professional manner.