The Peterborough DALROD Phantoms and Captain James Ferrara are delighted to reveal the schedule of events, rules and online auction details for the selected jerseys ahead of the JF17 Testimonial.

In just over a weeks time the Phantoms and James Ferrara will be hosting players and coaches from across the world, in a spectacular testimonial event on May 5th.

To kick off the weekend, PhanForce and James would like to invite you all to join the players and coaches on Friday 4th May, from 7pm in Legends Bar, for a great pre game social event.

Many of our fans have expressed their wish to be apart of James testimonial, but due to other commitments they are unable. So we would like to open the players social evening to the fans on the Friday, enabling everyone the opportunity to mix and chat with the players that many haven’t seen for years.

On the Friday, PhanForce will be hosting the event and will include a fun light hearted quiz. The quiz will be James Ferrara themed, so make sure you do your research on everything James Ferrara. The event is free of charge, but of course we are trying to raise as much funds for James as possible, so there will be a bucket for you to donate if you wish.

Saturday 5th May, is the main event, the evening is packed full and with plenty of opportunities to speak to players we are pleased to share the schedule of the day and the rules off the games –



17:00 – 17:10 Warm up

17:10-17:20 Team Announcement/ Anthem

17.25 – 17.40 GAME 1 – Phantoms v Penguins


17:45 -18.00 Game 2 – Panthers v Pirates


18:05 – 18:20 GAME 3 – Phantoms v Panthers


18:25 – 18:40 Ice Cut

18:45 -19:00 GAME 4 – Penguins v Pirates

PENALTY SHOOTOUT – 2 Players at a time, 1 minute – Bonus points awarded to the winning team.

19:05 -19:20 GAME 5 Penguins v Panthers

19:25 – 19:40 GAME 6 Pirates v Phantoms

19:40 – 19:45 End and Pictures


  • 15 minute running clock games
  • Clock will stop if a penalty is called
  • No icings
  • Bonus point for each shootout – each team can collect a total of 2 bonus points
  • Goalies can change places at any point without gaining referee permission
  • 4 on 4 (can go to 5 on 3 if 2 penalties are on the clock)
  • Scoring
    • Win = 3 points
    • Draw = 1 point
    • Shootout win = 1 point


After the game, we shall continue the celebrations in the bar, where we will get straight into the auction of the Captains Jerseys –

Team Phantoms – Captain Jon Cotton, Assistants Robert Ferrara & Luke Ferrara

Team Penguins – Captain Marc Levers, Assistants Robert Dowd and Craig Britton

Team Panthers – Captain David Clarke, Assistants Steve Lee and Robert Lachowicz

and lastly Team Pirates – Captains Dwayne Newman, Assistants Ben O’Connor and Craig Peacock

Tomorrow (Thursday 26th) will also see the jerseys that have also been selected by James for the online auction to go live. As we have many fans from many clubs across the country and world, that maybe interested in the jerseys, we have decided to do this on a 48 hour Ebay listing. The players who will be featured on this auction are –  Tom Norton of Team Phantoms, Janis Auzins of Team Penguins, Jason Buckman and Jesse Hammill of Team Panthers and lastly Edgars Bebris of Team Pirates.


So don’t forget you can still get your tickets online at