The Peterborough DALROD Phantoms, sponsored by Evolve Technologies in this historic year, will be acknowledging fans who have been dedicated to the Pirates and Phantoms for numerous decades over the course of the season.

Over the years the Pirates and Phantoms have had many highs and a lot of lows, with bankruptcy, poor performances and rink closures to name but a few events. It’s then sometimes easy to forget actually how successful our Cities Ice Hockey team are and were.

There are many fans that have witnessed all the blood, sweat and tears on and off the ice, fans who turned out to raise money for the team and fans that turned up to the games week in, week out and shouted their hearts out to show their passion and support for the team and game they love.

As these fans are the heart of our community, the Phantoms are looking back at the years and acknowledging these fans on what is a very historic year – the 10th anniversary of Phantoms winning the treble and also the Pirates era of the community pulling together 25 years ago when Peterborough was threatened with the rink closure.

Our first acknowledgement goes to a gentleman who was their right from the start. In September 1982 Steve Laud descended on East of England Ice Rink to watch the Peterborough Pirates in their opening season.  Since then Steve has continuously been a dedicated Pirates and Phantoms fan and been a regular season ticket holder.

We have been informed that many people who dedicated time and money to the rebuild of the rink, were not listed on the Roll of Honour. Steve is one of these fans, spending many hours painting the boards and various other jobs to ensure the rink reopened on December 18th 1993.

This Sunday we will be acknowledging Steve a Legendary Pirates & Phantoms fan, so please join us in applauding Steve at the start of the game when he will be doing the honourary dropping of the puck.

This week we take on  Streatham Redhawks in League action at home on Sunday, Face Off 5.30 PM.


Picture Courtesy of Paul Young