The Peterborough DALROD Phantoms are excited to announce they will be holding their first ‘Dad’s Night’ on Saturday 27th October when we take on the Romford Raiders.

Many of the NHL teams have taken to holding dedicated special nights throughout their season. Phantoms in this year of celebration have decided to also acknowledge all those people have sometimes been forgotten. To kick this off our appreciation we announced our plans to celebrate our 10th anniversary of the Treble year, which will continue throughout the season, we then last week start our campaign to acknowledge long life fans of the Pirates and Phantoms, with Steve Laud being the first of the fans to see our appreciation and now we would like to thank our Dad’s. We welcome and encourage all our fans to join in with our players and coaches in celebrating ‘Dads Night’ in inviting your Dad (Our Father figure) to the game.

Players and coaches have all invited their Dad’s to attend the game where they will be our guests of honour and we hope the fans will also see this as an opportunity to bring their Dad’s a long for a fun-filled evening for all the family.

The Phantoms look forward to welcoming you and your Dads to our game on Saturday 27th October, face off 7PM when we take on the Romford Raiders.