The Peterborough DALROD Phantoms sponsored by Evolve Technologies are pleased to announce a further commitment to long-term player development and integration with the Phantoms Junior Academy. Following in the footsteps of the recent success of players such as Bradley Bowering and others before him. Head Coach Slava Koulikov has announced an exciting development in the club’s prospect program.

Phantoms have teamed up with Arthur Mellows Village College in an exciting partnership. The Glinton based college has opened up its facilities to allow the club to work closely with its younger prospect players. The college is working with the club to provide training and education both immediately after the school day and once per school term to take the players out of class for theory-based educational sessions that develop the aspiring young players in having an athletic mindset and lifestyle.

George Collins from the College commented on the new partnership “This has been a great opportunity to build school/club links with professional clubs in the local area and give students insight into elite level strength and conditioning training.”

The college will also select gifted and talented pupils from other mainstream sports to be involved in the clubs program.

Following hard on the heels of Brad, Jarvis Hunt, Jack Escott, Taylor Romeo, Ross Clarke and Craig Ellis are a new set of talented junior Phantoms identified by Slava Koulikov and Director of Hockey Jon Kynaston. The new kids on the block striving to become full-time Peterborough Phantoms players are Luke Clark, (U18) Markuss Jansons (U18), James White, (U15) Billy Thorpe (U15), Archie Salisbury (U13), Louie Kynaston (U13) and Matthew Saville. (U13).

Director of Hockey Jon Kynaston commented on the latest developments “As a club we have an outstanding track record of developing some of the best British players, the program we run offers the extra push and support players need to accelerate their development to the level they aspire to and to give them the best chance to become professional athletes. We are excited to be working with such a talented bunch of young players”.

Further to this, the club would also like to announce that it has tied three of the young players to long-term agreements as a further commitment to the clubs unique prospect development program. Billy Thorpe, Archie Salisbury and Louie Kynaston have signed agreements to commit to the club in their immediate future and work closely with the first team staff on a pathway to professional ice hockey. The agreements mirror similar arrangements the club has used previously for recent players such as Lewis Hook and Bradley Bowering.

Head Coach Slava Koulikov commented on the agreements “ One of the main goals in the Phantoms Organisation is to work closely with the junior development and to make sure we develop outstanding British Players for the future. I am very pleased and excited with the next group of guys, to secure three of them on long-term agreements and very much look forward to helping them to achieve their personal goals.”

Billy Thorpe is an England International player at U14 level and is already one of the standout defensemen in the UK for his age. A naturally gifted skater Billy has an exciting future. Billy has a five-year agreement to take him into senior hockey.

Archie Salisbury is also a standout defenceman at the U13 age, another already in the England program Archie shows the potential to be an aggressive and impactful defenseman in the years to come. Archie is the son of former Peterborough player Mark Salisbury.

The youngest of the three recruits is Louie Kynaston. A skilful and hardworking forward Louie has already represented his country when selected earlier this year to play for the United Kingdom U11 team that travelled to compete internationally in Bratislava. Louie is currently in the mix for the UK U12 squad.

The three prospects have signed long-term agreements, ranging from 5-7 years, to see them develop into senior hockey with the club.

All seven of the current selected Phantoms prospect players have the opportunity to exploit extra support from the senior team staff and now the partnership with Arthur Mellows Village College.

The club is committed to working in a pro-active way on player development and it’s extremely keen to see as many home grown players as possible in its senior team in the years to come.