The Peterborough DALROD Phantoms are delighted to welcome back to our sponsors family, Millfield Autoparts.

Millfield Autoparts have been an integral part of our sponsorship family for the past 5 years, with each and every year the relationship between the Phantoms and Millfield Autoparts becoming stronger and stronger and the involvement from both parties increasing.

Last week Abbas of Millfield Autoparts invited members of the Phantoms to participate in a day of fasting “Ramadan”, Owner Dave Lane, Director of Hockey Jon Kynaston, Head Coach Slava Koulikov and Nathan Pollard, Conor Pollard, Scott Robson and Ales Padelek all participated, in supporting the culture and religion of our sponsors.

There was a variation on techniques, with some waking at 2.30 am to eat as much as possible before the fasting began at 3am,  others chose to just sleep as much as possible and complete their days as normal. I think everyone would agree that the experience was quite a hard challenge, especially without any liquids. The concept of fasting went against everything our sportsmen do in a normal day to day routine. Heads became heavy and hunger pangs stronger, making watching everyone else go about drinking and eating extremely hard.

The guys stayed strong throughout, encouraging and supporting one another, ending their journey with a meal with Abbas later that night. By 9PM and the sun setting, the guys were happily ending their fast by tucking into a specially prepared feast to celebrate their completion.

Abbas’s challenge to the Phantoms is only a small part of the great relationship we have with our sponsors, as we believe it’s important to support our local community and the businesses within our City and their support back to us.

If you would like to brand and promote your business with the Phantoms and support the most successful professional sports team in the City please contact us to find out more:

Check out our Instagram story, highlighting the journey the guys took throughout their day of Fasting