With the 2022/23 season about to begin, the 40th year of hockey in Peterborough, our orange jersey this season is a celebration of the history of Peterborough Hockey.


In 1982, the Peterborough Pirates were born. Back then, the team played in the British National League and their logo was inspired by the NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers.

The Pirates had an endless list of incredible talent come and play in Peterborough during their 20 years of existence, including Garry Unger, one of the players known as an NHL Iron Man. In Peterborough, he scored over 300 points in just over 60 games, displaying why he’d been such a great of the sport in the best league in the World.

Unger, alongside the likes of John Lawless, Todd Bidner, Randy Smith, Doug McEwen, Jason Porter, Kenny McKie, Kevin King and Craig Britton – to name just a few – formed the history of the Pirates, a history we celebrate on the 40th anniversary year of their formation.

In 2002, the Phantoms were formed and are the team we all know and love today. The Ferrara brothers, Dwayne Newman, Maris Ziedins, Jeff Glowa, Lewis Buckman, Brent Gough, Tom Norton, Will Weldon – the list goes on. We all know the names who have passed through Peterborough in our time as the Phantoms, and what a time it has been to date!

So this season, we wanted to honour the history here and that’s where our orange jersey comes in. The orange jersey celebrates the colour scheme of the two sides, with orange featuring regularly throughout the history of hockey in Peterborough, whilst the P logo celebrates both the Phantoms and the Pirates’ names, alongside our 40 years of Peterborough Hockey logo, which also takes a spot on the special jersey.


In Peterborough, we’ve always been proudly and passionately supported by an amazing, loyal fanbase who would do anything for the team. We know this, because so many people continue to do so. Many fans have been there since day one and still support our club today. This jersey is celebrating all of it: the two clubs, the history, the fans we’ve had and kept along the way, everyone who’s pulled a Peterborough jersey on, and those we’ve sadly lost over the last 40 years. This is a celebration of it all, of everyone involved, everyone who made and makes Peterborough Hockey what it is today.

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for everything they’ve done for every piece of support, every contribution – its all allowed us to be in the position we’re in today, celebrating 40 years of ice hockey in Peterborough.

Phantoms captain, Will Weldon, said: “It’s great to see a return of the orange shirt which represents a big part of history for the club. It’s a historic season celebrating 40 years of Peterborough ice hockey and 20 years of the Phantoms and it’s great to see a return of the orange shirt as part of the celebrations!”

So, when you see the team wearing the orange jersey in matches this season – know it’s honouring everyone who came before us, since day one of the Pirates in 1982. It’s a celebration of the good times, the bad times, the highs and lows. Our team this season will wear the jersey with pride at representing our club in what is an amazing milestone and anniversary.

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The team will take to the ice in the special orange jersey for the first time against the Raiders on Saturday September 4th – facing off at 7pm. To secure your seats in the barn for our return to the ice – click HERE!

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