The Peterborough Phantoms logo is a trademark owned by Peterborough Phantoms Limited (PPL). The Peterborough Phantoms use this trademark/logo to identify Phantoms as a company and also Phantoms’ products. PPL maintains control over the usage of its trademark, and this document sets forth who may use this trademark, and under what terms and conditions the trademark may be used.

Fair Use

Do not use Phantoms’ trademarks/logos in any of your products or services that compete with any of Phantoms’ products or services. Use of Phantoms’ trademark/logos in your competing product or service is trademark infringement, and PPL will take legal action against you for violating this provision.

Laymen’s Terms: You are not allowed to use the Phantoms trademark to compete with the club. If you do, the club will take you to court. You cannot use the trademark without our permission for any purpose.

Usage Guidelines

Do not reproduce Phantoms’ trademark/logo without permission. Do not separate the elements of the logo or alter the logo in any way. Do not rotate or animate it, and do not use any part of the logo as a graphic element, background, or pattern in any way that competes with the Phantoms.

Do not add anything to the logos. Do not attempt to set the logotype, change the font, or alter the size, proportions, or space between letters. You must use Phantoms’ trademark/logo exactly as they are provided by the club.

Laymen’s Terms: When using our trademark(s), do not modify or change them in any way.

Other Uses

For any uses, you must contact the Peterborough Phantoms for express written permission. The club reserves the right to reject your request to use Phantoms’ trademark/logo for any reason. Phantoms’ contact information is below.

Laymen’s Terms: You need our permission to use our trademarks for any reason. If you send us a request to use our trademarks, we can say no for any reason.

Live Stream

Before You Buy

  • Check your Internet Speed
    Visit to determine your available download bandwidth. We recommend a minimum download speed of 3Mb/s in order to watch the game without jitters or stuttering. The more download bandwidth you have, the less likely you are to have problems. However, even with a fast download speed, the webcast may still not stream smoothly if your PC is not run on the recommended settings, or not maintained to a good standard.
  • Check your Browser is up to date
    Using the most up to date version of your browser will reduce the possibility of any viewing issues. We generally recommend Chrome, Safari or Firefox.
  • Make sure you have a suitable device to watch the game on
    Our webcasts should be viewable on all mainstream devices, however old devices may not be quick enough to process the high-resolution image and may cause jitters or stuttering. If you are using an obscure device, there is a risk that the device may not be fully compatible. Testing has been successful on a range of Android and iOS devices (Phones and Tablets). If you have any problems viewing on a phone or tablet, you are advised to view the webcast on a desktop or laptop computer.
  • Advice when watching on an Android device
    If you have any problems viewing on an Android device, we recommend switching your web browser to “Desktop Mode” as this should overcome any viewing issues.


We use PayPal as our payment gateway. Please ensure you make a note of the email address you use on your PayPal account as this is the address you will receive your Live Stream code to (please check your junk or clutter inboxes if you have not received your code and add to your safe senders list).

Commercial Licenses

The Peterborough Phantoms DO NOT allow public premises to stream with prior written permission.

Watching the webcast

Click on the ‘Buy Ticket’ button. This will take you through to purchase your ticket via PayPal. Once you have received your code (to the email address registered with PayPal), you will be able to put this code in the box to view the game.

Once purchased

For any technical support please email or Tweet @PhanTVStudio. You will need to state your name and the email address that purchased the code.


  • Refreshing your browser
    Please DO NOT keep hitting the refresh button. For security we only allow a limited allocation of refreshes per code, if you hit the limit this will exit you out of the stream and ask for you to repurchase. If you do refresh too many times and exit the screen please do not re buy, please email or Tweet @PhanTVStudio. You will need to state your name and the email address that purchased the code.
  • Multiple devices using the internet
    The Peterborough Phantoms games tend to be at times when you and your entire street maybe on the internet, please bear this in mind in using multiple devices which may pull on your internet speeds.
    We have identified people using AirPlay or connecting to larger screens may SOMETIMES experience reduced picture quality or jittering.


The Peterborough Phantoms rely on a 4G connection at the rink. Due to factors that are out of our control, there may be occasional buffering or minor interruptions. The Phantoms will only refund a game if you lose more than one period of hockey.

The Peterborough Phantoms will not refund for the loss in viewing due to your own technical issues including internet speeds.

To claim a refund a complaint must be made on the evening of the game to (state your name and the email address that purchased the code). Please state the problem. If the problem is due to the Phantoms service and is not resolved in adequate time (miss more than one period of hockey), a refund will be made.

A refund will not be generated unless you have requested this via email and actioned the point above.

Your request for a refund will be investigated on the first working day of the week and an email reply will be made ASAP.

Once a refund has been granted this can take up to 3-4 working days to show back in your bank account.

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