As the season has now come to an end, we have a few people we would like to thank. The work our staff & match night volunteers do each week perhaps goes unnoticed but it is never unappreciated. The success of this club is also down to them!

First up, our incredible off-ice team; Kristian Kenny, Barry Owen, Anthony Pountney, Josh Aves and Paul Coupland, doing an amazing job behind the scenes! The amount of time and effort they all give to the club is unmatched and we are extremely lucky to have such an amazing off-ice team.

We want to say a huge thank you to the Peterborough Phantoms Supporters Club, not just for this season, but for every season they have been a part of. These five people have worked tirelessly though the week planning events, getting ready for match nights, selling merchandise and creating our beloved warm-up jerseys.

Thank you to Claire Bamford for running the merchandise stand, Liz Hinds for chasing everyone around the rink for squares on the jersey grid, Scott Bamford for running the chuck-a-duck, Mandy Cox & Sandra Phillips for attending every road game for the past 8 years and running the official away game travel. We would also like to add in a thank you to both Beth Coupland and Pacey Hutchcraft for assisting the supporters club this season.

Jenny Wilmot, Sue Wilmot, Jackie Kynaston and Tina Allen are most likely the first faces you see when coming to Planet Ice Peterborough. Jenny and Sue, thank you for all of your hard work this season looking after both 50/50 and SOYB ticket sales. Jackie and Tina, thank you both for running our season ticket and VIP door all season. We would also like to thank both Amie White and Georgia Thomas for being a helping hand on 50/50 & SOYB ticket sales.

Ben Pateman (Announcer) & Hayley Groom (DJ) thank you both for keeping us all entertained through-out the season. Thank you to our match night reporter, Tom Lea for bringing the much-loved live updates on twitter and writing our match reports.

We would like to say a huge thank you to SBDPhotography for being our official team photographer again for the second season! Shaun gives up his weekends to come down and capture the team doing what they do best.

Thank you to our off-ice officials, who make sure the game runs smoothly and keep everything in order. Irene Amos and Alan Downie on the time-keepers bench, Chris Burbage who co-ordinates the official online game sheet, Aaron Shortland & Cliff Smith, our penalty box stewards who liase with both on ice officials and players. Thank you to our goal judges; Alan Downie, Toby Clarke and Anthony Gould.

Matt Cavaleri, Phil Smith, Alan Storer, Kevin Isaac, Dan Breen & Dominc Ward make up our Media Team that work tirelessly each home game to deliver the best livestream in the league! This group also work on the post game interviews and highlights too, thank you for everything they do for the club. We would also like to give a special mention to Alan Storer for stepping in as our photographer in Coventry, thank you for the memories!

Our match night stewards take on various roles on a match night from ensuring the safety of fans, to looking after our off-ice officials and much more. Janet Vane, Patrik Walton, Andy Mason, Andy Clark, Colin Langley, Michael Ward, Alick Whittingham & Jaxon Snow, thank you all.

Thank you to Ian Offers and Nicki Thomas who run the official club shop, making sure it is stocked and bringing you the best merch each season.

Kerry Hollis who has looked after our sponsors in our VIP boxes all season, and also Jon Kynaston who heads up the VIP Ice Lounge.

Last but definitely not least, a huge thank you has to go to PhanTom aka Andy Clutton, our beloved mascot!

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